Uniting The World and the Branding of a One-World Human Civilization

The other day, I was talking to an acquaintance, and he was hung-up on the whole “new world order concept” – and there are an abundance of conspiracy theories on all this, far surpassing this year’s Mayan Calendar motif. Okay so, let’s talk about this for a moment shall we World Brands?

Here is what I told my acquaintance; The “New World Order” is an interesting idea, perhaps unlike you, I do not have a huge problem with a one-world government if it could be developed like a “Franchising Organization” it might prevent wars if everyone was on the same page – well, providing we didn’t crush anyone’s culture and allowed local control, just with a better standardization of similar overlaying laws perhaps, but keeping it really simple.

If such a planet-wide system could be run with the main theme of “freedom and liberty” for all, and allowing for folks to enjoy their life-experience on their own terms, then maybe it could work. Further, the name; “The New World Order” bothers me, as it sounds too dominating, NAZI’ish, and too dictatorial in nature. I don’t like that name and it would be very bad branding to use it. I guess my thinking here is; I don’t mind a one-world system of doing things, as long as “I” can run it or have a say in the running of it, because humans basically cannot be trusted.

Still, with that said, I am not looking for the job, so don’t try to recruit me to force something like that on the world, humans may not be ready for it yet. One day, I hope they just stop fighting each other over stupid things, you know like religion for instance.

Next, a big issue I have is how such large NGOs and do-gooder organizations have utterly failed to come to the fruition of their mission statements, goals, and objectives – thus, only leading to worsened circumstances and the unintended consequences that we see everywhere in the world today, that’s just not working. Fraught with corruption, super-ego, and poker style games-man-ship.

If governments, nations, and societies truly want to come together well they are doing a rather poor job in the present period to make that happen, I seems everything they do, and everything they try just creates more animosity than before. So, I guess my acquaintance has really nothing to worry about, maybe he can re-visit the Mayan Calendar issues, perhaps a lot more fun anyway. Indeed, I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

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