U-Pack vs. PODS: Which Is Better for Your Move?

U-percent vs. PODS: which transferring box is higher on your flow? The solution depends on a ramification of things. Fortuitously, considering that U-percent and PODS are two of the maximum depended on and famous shifting and storage field companies to be had, it’s probable that at the least one of them may be a very good healthy on your pass. Nonetheless now not sure which shifting box company to select? Take a look at our U-percent review and PODS overview under.

U-p.C. Vs. PODS http://legitmovers.com/
ABF’s U-percent ReloCubes
How does U-percent work: once U-percent drops the ReloCube off at the doorstep, clients have up to 3 commercial enterprise days to load and unload the shifting field. U-p.C. Will then supply the transferring field to its destination. According to U-percent, the average transit time is to 5 enterprise days. It’s important to notice that U-p.C. Relocubes are supposed for long distance movements – not neighborhood movements. U-percent ReloCubes also are made to face up to all kinds of weather conditions way to their durable metal structure.

Sizes: The internal of every ReloCube measures 70” x 82” x 93” and is able to conserving up to 2,500 pounds – or kind of one complete room of furniture and boxes. U-p.C. Affords an easy transferring space Estimator tool to help clients determine out exactly how many ReloCubes they will need to order for his or her upcoming move.

Payment flexibility: not sure what number of shifting containers you’ll want on your move? U-percent gives a specially bendy way to pay on your moving box. Clients can reserve as many ReloCubes as they want. However, they handiest should pay for the variety of shifting bins that they without a doubt turn out to be using. This indicates if you suppose your pass will require three ReloCubes but you handiest become the usage of two, you received’t need to pay for the unused transferring container.

Fee: consistent with HireAHelper’s charge assessment, the average price of a long distance pass the usage of U-% ReloCube moving packing containers is $2,231. Pricing for ReloCubes is primarily based on a in line with box/in keeping with 30-day period basis.

Benefits: ABF’s U-p.C. ReloCubes have two principal benefits over competitors: first, U-% doesn’t require customers to pay an in advance deposit on their moving containers. And 2d, while U-p.C. Allows customers to reserve as many ReloCubes as they want, the organization handiest prices clients for the ReloCubes used.

How does PODS paintings: once PODS drops the moving box off at your doorstep, clients can take as lots time as they want to load their container. PODS transferring packing containers can be used for each local and long distance movements. Just like U-p.C., PODS transferring boxes are also steel-framed and weather-resistant. This indicates they may be capable of withstanding rain, wind and other poor climate situations.

Sizes: unlike U-percent, PODS has multiple size moving box. The employer gives 3 sizes: a 7 toes. Container able to protecting up to 1 complete room of furniture; the 12 toes. Field able to preserving to 3 rooms of furnishings; the sixteen feet. Field capable of holding 3 to four rooms of furniture. For large movements, the employer recommends mixing and matching box sizes to suit your area.

Fee flexibility: clients ought to pay for all PODS bins ordered, however, they have the benefit of being capable of load and percent their container for as many days as needed. That means no cut-off dates and no time stress. It’s important to observe even though that customers might be charged for each day that they use the shifting container.

Fee: HireAHelper’s fee assessment states that the average price of an extended distance flow using a PODS transferring box is $three,304. But, month-to-month prices for shifting and storage range relying on availability, length, size of the container and location.

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