Lithium-ion batteries pricey, but packed with advantages

Lithium-ion batteries are promoted trolling motor features as outperforming alternatives to steer acid batteries.

They each power the starting of an outboard engine, trolling motors and onboard electronics. But lithium-ion batteries, dealers say, throw greater voltage than lead acid ones and can be recharged in a third of the time it takes for the traditional batteries.

And they’re plenty lighter. At round 18 to 30 kilos, they are able to cut at least 100 pounds from a bass boat, growing speeds by using as a great deal as 3-5 mph — a massive consideration for event anglers.

But some lithium-ion batteries can value $1,000 or extra.

“The sticker shock is terrific,” stated Kevin Bennett, president of Lithium Pros of Knoxville, Tenn. “People ask all the time, ‘Will the fee come down?’

“I see it coming down rather, however no longer highly, not like with personal computers.”

The motive, Bennett defined, entails the availability of raw materials used to make lithium-ion batteries.

“You have a variety of aluminum, copper and some uncommon earth additives,” he said, “and I don’t see the prices of these things coming down.

“As the world financial system heals from all the economic meltdown, you’ll have upward strain on those commodities.”

The batteries are popular in auto racing circles, but sellers are trying to reach match anglers.

Ott DeFoe of the Bassmaster Elite Series has signed on to help. The Tennessee angler used lithium batteries for the first time in February’s Bassmaster Classic.

DeFoe said he turned into excited with their overall performance he got from the Lithium Pros batteries. As for his performance, he received 5th vicinity.

“Cost is truly the biggest hurdle with it,” DeFoe stated. “But they were given a few essential advantages. Just the fact that you could shop a lot weight, you run a little shallower and float a bit shallower.

“And in the tournaments, if we handiest have 3 or four hours to recharge our batteries, that’s exact enough.”

But Bennett said that another enchantment is the lithium-ion batteries’ sturdiness — approximately 10 years or greater.

He said that if an angler is changing batteries each to three years, “changing to lithium will help him ultimately.”

Similar blessings are stated through Lithionics of Clearwater, Fla.

“Our batteries are designed to a 20-yr existence,” states a organization fact sheet. “In three years we have yet to peer considered one of our batteries virtually ‘wear out.’”

The agency also stated its batteries save a hundred and seventy to 260 kilos on a ship.

“A bass boat will usually draft up to two inches higher in the water, as a result taking into account a extra variety of shallow water fishing talents,” the company stated.

Both organizations say their batteries preserve constant power curves proper up until they’re completely out of juice. So, according to Lithionics, “Your trolling motor will run one hundred percentage strength for the entire price curve of the batteries.”

But thinking about decal shock, Bennett said he and his competitors have a lot of paintings ahead of them.

“I don’t assume lead acid manufacturing centers are going to be shutting down day after today because of lithium-ion,” he stated. “Entering the marine industry has ability, however it’s going to take a variety of schooling.”

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