Life Without Lack: Dallas Willard’s Psalm 23 Prayer

We can live within the Psalm fullness of lifestyles within the presence of the risen Christ today — that’s the invitation of the Shepherd Psalm.

But it starts with an audacious declare: “The Lord is my shepherd, he gives me life with out lack.”

Life without lack? You might query that. My life is complete of lack — lack of sources, loss of fitness, loss of justice, lack of opportunity, loss of harmony in relationships, lack of peace…

It seems the Psalmist isn’t living inside the real global, but some ethereal utopian perfect that doesn’t hold proper. Actually, Dallas rebuts, “He is dwelling inside the most real international, a world wherein Yahweh is present and available and actively worried in the lives of people who recognise and trust him” (Life Without Lack, p. 24).

One time when I become talking with Dallas Willard and I showed him my Psalms Prayerbook. As he thumbed through the pages of the Psalms and my introduced notes, prayers, and photos he commented on the Shepherd Psalm: “Psalm 23 covers the whole of the non secular life in God’s country. It’s all there — except for the crucial information of the ancient Jesus.”

Another time he shared, “When you pray Psalm 23 you locate that Someone is there waiting so that it will greet you and manual you.”

That’s why Dallas for my part reflected on the Shepherd Psalm each day. As “the Living Word” it gives an “in depth internalization of the kingdom” and establishes “accurate epidermal responses of notion, feeling, and action” so we may be incorporated “into the flow of God’s eternal reign.” (The Divine Conspiracy, p. 362)

At the opening of Life Without Lack, he specializes in Psalm 23 and stocks his extraordinary reflections, which I’ve compiled and condensed into “Dallas Willard’s Psalm 23 Prayer”. (Life Without Lack, pp. Xvii-xx)

Dallas Willard’s Psalm 23 Prayer

The Lord is my Shepherd, I have life with out lack.
In his green pastures I’ve eaten my fill so I lie down.
At his still waters my thirst is satisfied.

He heals and reintegrates my damaged depths in his everlasting existence
so I can stroll in paths of righteousness on his behalf.
Even although I go through loss, starvation, disease, growing older, and dying I will worry no evil because you Jesus are with me.
Your sturdy rod and protecting staff positioned me at liberty.

Your ample provision is a dinner party for me so I’m glad to proportion with my enemies.
You supply me hot showers and warm fluffy towels, glad reviews and deep relationships, to make me sense easy, special, and powerful.
My cup runs over so I can be generous without ever walking out.

Surely this world is a perfectly safe location for me to be
Because I dwell and abide with God within the fullness of his life in the Kingdom of the Heavens all the time.

That’s life without lack!

My Meditation on Dallas Willard’s Psalm 23 Prayer
I observed myself lingering on and luxuriating in every phrase of Dallas’ version of Psalm 23. Then I introduced some of my own reflections. I invite you to take a couple of minutes and cross deeper within the Shepherd Psalm with me.

The Lord is my Shepherd, I have life with out lack.

Through Jesus, I carry my complete existence into God’s state and experience a with-God existence. With the Church’s first Apostle we’re coming to Christ as our Soul Shepherd our Rock Foundation for day by day life (Matthew sixteen:16-18).

In his green pastures I’ve eaten my fill so I lie down.

After grazing on his grace pastures, I’m a full sheep so I relax and take a nap. Thus he “makes me” to lie down. It’s the open palms of Jesus, “Come to me and find relaxation for your souls” (Matthew 11:28-29).

At his nevertheless waters my thirst is satisfied.

His spring of dwelling waters so refreshes and nourishes me that I’m now not thirsty for whatever in this international. In different phrases, we thrill to pray with the Psalmist, “Earth has nothing I preference except you Lord” (Psalm 73:25).

He heals and reintegrates my broken depths in his eternal life.

He’s restoring my soul by means of uniting his supernatural heavenly life with my natural earthly life. “She reached out and touched Jesus’ cloak and she or he changed into healed” (Matthew nine:20-22).

So I can walk in paths of righteousness on his behalf.

Good Shepherd guides me and bureaucracy me in order that it becomes easy and habitual for me to do what’s proper and kind. “Love in no way fails” (1 Corinthians thirteen:eight).

Even even though I undergo loss, starvation, disorder, aging, and death I will fear no evil due to the fact you Jesus are with me.

Yes, it’s proper. My confidence in God soars above my dark valleys due to the fact the risen Christ is in my midst maintaining my hand, lifting up my eyes and heart to the heavens, and giving me amazing joy and courage in my trials. As Jesus confident us, “Fear not little flock. Your Father is pleased to welcome you into his nation, even now” (Luke 12:32).

Your sturdy rod and protecting personnel positioned me at liberty.

Thank you, Lord, for your tenderness and power you take care of me and put me cozy. God’s powerful arm, reaches down from the heavens to carry you deliverance and victory (Exodus 6:6).

Your ample provision is a dinner party for me so I’m satisfied to proportion with my enemies.

At your desk, you prepare a scrumptious meal for me and when I see my enemies status there hungry I pull up a chair for them. As the Apostle of Grace says, “Forgive because the Lord has forgiven you… Bless folks that curse you” (Colossians 3:thirteen, Luke 6:28).

You give me hot showers and warm fluffy towels, blissful stories and deep relationships, to make me sense smooth, unique, and effective.

That’s “He anoints my head with oil”! Good Shepherd’s fragrant oil is such a blessing. It cleans me up, heals my hurts, and anoints me for ministry. The promise of the Bible is whilst we are weak below Christ then God’s power works wonders in us and via us (2 Corinthians 12:9-10).

My cup runs over so I may be generous without ever running out.

I’m living and doing my paintings inside the overflow of God’s love that streams, surges, and splashes, from my soul to the people round me. As the Beloved Disciple of Jesus reminds us, “We love due to the fact God first loved us” (1 John 4:19).

Surely this world is a wonderfully safe area for me to be because I live and abide with God inside the fullness of his life within the Kingdom of the Heavens all the time.

My Shepherd who is goodness and mercy is following me day-with the aid of-day. By staying in Jesus’ smooth yoke in every situation, I’m walking freely and gently on this earth and flourishing in the Father’s world for all time! (Matthew eleven:30, John eight:35, 38)

Sharing Soul Shepherding With Others

One of the awesome joys of life is sharing our studies of God’s presence with our pals or small institution. To bless you for your devotions and ministry to others we’ve a library with hundreds of free Scripture meditation courses, including “Life Without Lack: A Meditation on Dallas Willard’s Psalm 23 Prayer”. This follows the layout of our popular Lectio Divina Guides.

Alternatively, you may change up the three readings as suggested underneath. After each reading, leave a area of a couple of minutes for quiet reflection. Listen for any mind or emotions that come to you associated with Psalm 23 or your lifestyles these days. You may additionally want to magazine. After the 0.33 analyzing, percentage your experience along with your pal or small institution.

1st Reading: Psalm 23 for your favorite translation.

2d Reading: “Dallas Willard’s Psalm 23 Prayer” (near the top of this publish).

Third Reading: “My Meditation on Dallas Willard’s Psalm 23 Prayer” (my reflections in the final half of this post).

Join Bill & Kristi through a Selah form within the “Soul Talks” podcast! “Life Without Lack: Psalm 23”


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