Cinetransformer offers portable showcasing vehicles and vital marking choices, adding to the visual effect of our versatile special vehicles. The biggest outside zones on our twofold expandable trailers on the Cinetransformer portable showcasing vehicles can be secured with a canvas standard, which introduces rapidly and safely over each edge and on each side of this energizing versatile limited time vehicle. portfolio-europe

Our group can give an assortment of choices to plan the most convincing introduction for your image dependent on your financial plan with our special expandable occasion trailers.

Eye catching

Exhibiting your visit and message on the Cinetransformer portable promoting vehicle can produce a large number of visual impressions. Versatile showcasing vehicle wraps will take your message portable, transforming your Cinetransformer into a moving board that communicates your marked message wherever you go.


The inside of the Cinetransformer can be marked so that the participants feel embodied in the apparent climate. For example, the inside dividers have exceptional segments that can oblige a canvas or vinyl wall painting. Unique lighting impacts, for example, dark lights and shine paint can be introduced to make high effect enhancements.

The entryway can be totally marked by covering the anteroom dividers with printed vinyl and marked rug. The rear of each seat can be marked with the customers logo and marked seat spreads can be introduced on each seat.


Inside wraps are an extraordinary path for your organization to proceed with your marked message and publicize with a special and energizing arrangement. With rich tones and surfaces that give your visitors a powerful enduring impression.With more than 20 years of progress, Cinetransformer is an extraordinary, a-list experiential portable occasions and advertising organization and a creator/maker of claim to fame and custom vehicles.

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