Catch More Bass With a Banjo Minnow and Brag About It

How’s Your Bass Fishing?

The North American game fish of all times is the bass. This fish has inspired a multi-million dollar business in the manufacture of all kinds of fishing gear and boats. Technology also inspired electronic media to catch fish in different depths. But a simple idea hatched the birth of the Banjo minnow lure. If it takes a thief to catch a thief, surely it would take a fish to catch a fish. This is the working principle behind the lure banjos food.

If you have been angling for years and have nothing to show for your efforts, say a nice picture of you with your two-pounder, there’s a chance with the latest bass lure. The lure looks like a minnow and behaves like a wounded one. When a bigger fish sees it, it swoops on it and there you are. You have a loudmouth or speckled for show.

It is not unusual to be skeptical about the Banjo minnow lure. After all, you have bought everything that would give you a good bountiful catch but was never satisfied. If you read the reviews, these are all positive. Although not every one has caught the big one right away, they are short jerking in more bass. Now this tool would greatly help, if your bass fishing needs improvement.

Product Description

If you watch TV, you must have raised your eyebrows over the Banjo minnow lure. Does it really work? Would there be no more yucky worms for you? T he lure is not a realistic thing but it sure does captivate the bass with its eyes.

The eyes of the lure are interchangeable. It’s fun dressing up the lure with their gold eyes and try one color on a red minnow, not that it is more effective. Rather, it takes off the tedium of looking at the same lure over and over again. Yes, the Banjo minnow lure 006 kit includes eyes of different colors and weights.

The hook is clipped unto the minnow’s eye socket and it’s easy to do. Just push through the eye past the barb and the minnow is secure onto the hook. The hook is another story altogether. There are small rubber bands connecting to the hook’s eye to the barb. To make the minnow’s swim balanced, avoiding the swivel.

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