5 Popular Trends in Luxury Homes

There is no doubt that there are plenty of nice homes on the market. But for those who want to live in the lap of luxury while also enjoying plenty of space to move around, purchasing a high-end home is certainly the way to go. Of course luxury homes for sale palm beach fl, with most of these homes costing one million dollars or more, you can expect to enjoy some magnificent features when you purchase a luxury home. Here’s a look at five of the best features and finishings that are commonly found in luxury homes.

#1: Fireplace in the Bathroom

Luxury homes tend to have large bathrooms featuring the same cozy amenities that are found in the living room or den. Therefore, one of the most popular trends in today’s luxury homes is to include a gas fireplace right next to the bath.

#2: Outdoor Kitchens

While many homeowners are finding ways to expand their living space by adding outdoor kitchens, high-end homes take the outdoor kitchen to a whole new level. At a luxury home, you will find far more than just a gas grill and table. Rather, the outdoor kitchens tend to be far more elaborate and feature amenities such as running water, gas-operated cooking areas and ample seating with swimming pools and other recreational opportunities located nearby. Stainless steel ovens and ranges, granite countertops and gazebos are other features commonly found in the outdoor kitchens of luxury homes.

#3: Custom Wine Cellars

Luxury homes often feature custom wine cellars that are larger than the bedrooms found in many traditional homes. Of course, if you are going to have such an elaborate wine cellar in your home, you also need to have plenty of space to entertain. Therefore, luxury homes also regularly feature a room for entertaining adjacent to the custom wine cellar.

#4: Smart Home Sensors

Smart Home Sensors are showing up in high-end homes on a more frequent basis. With the help of these sensors and a computer, you can easily make the home appear as if it is in use while you are away. Or, with just the press of a button, your home will automatically prepare for the night by locking the doors and activating the alarm system for you.

#5: Moveable Walls

Moveable walls help make the most out of the living space, which is particularly important in urban environments where space is at a premium. With the help of a moveable wall, such as a sliding bookcase, you can close off a room to create a guest room, a study or a children’s play area when necessary. When not necessary, the room can remain big and open.

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