Overcome Morning Sickness Using Natural Remedies

Oh wow! You have missed your period! Could you be? You hope you are! PREGNANT! You are so excited you can hardly stand it! It is too soon to find out on a pregnancy text strip. You wait, you hold your breath! But then one day you wake up sick. Nauseous, you wonder if you can hold down your breakfast. Drinking water even makes you sick! Is this what Morning Sickness is? How can people stand it? If you have to go through this how could you stand to even have another child? What can you do it about? Are there any simple natural remedies for morning sickness? You have heard how some people are sick all pregnancy long. Hey wait, what was that about Her Royal Highness Kate having to go to the hospital because she was so sick.

When I was pregnant with my first child, a mother of 6 told me to be grateful for morning sickness because in the early stages of pregnancy that is the only way you really know you are pregnant! But in some people morning sickness can get way out of hand. Some people vomit profusely, some have debilitating headaches. Some people can’t get out of bed ever and instead of the slight nausea being only in the morning and lasting only a few weeks, the nausea goes on all day and night and last until they are 5, 6 or even 9 months along in their pregnancy! I have seen some women’s skin turn pea green from the nausea and bile. What can be done! best serum for skin

So let us talk about the many different reasons people get morning sick and what you can do about each one.

The first reason is a toxic liver. It can be either dumping the toxins back into the blood stream or out into the skin or into the kidney. The kidney in turn dumps its toxins into the blood stream. Someone who has a toxic liver might turn green in the skin. They generally have a dull headache all day also. There nausea will last all day long. You can do a few things to see if it will help before you choose to cleanse the liver. I prefer that if people have to cleanse during pregnancy that they do it after the first 12 weeks have passed in case they stir up something imbedded in the tissues that ought to remain safe there and out of the way of a developing fetus. After 12 weeks have passed it is much safer to cleanse. If you are cleansing the colon or the liver when you get pregnant you may want to choose to rest from cleansing until 12 weeks have passed. If you have been cleansing for several months already before you get pregnant then you are probably pretty safe with cleansing some more. If you are still sick after the first trimester is over then go on a colon cleanse and a liver cleanse to assist your body in getting over morning sickness.

So in the meantime, you can take JuvaCleanse® or Purification® Essential oil blend from Young Living. Take them one drop at a time in the lining of the cheek every minute until you feel better. That might be about 10 minutes. If your skin is turning grey, green or yellow, you may have some gall bladder involvement. You can take JuvaFlex™ and put it over the gallbladder, which would be just under the ribs on the right side of the body. Take some castor oil and soak a rag in it and place that over the JuvaFlex™. This softens the bile and allows it to pass through the bile and liver ducts. Do not take castor oil by mouth ever during pregnancy. It is very caustic on the bowels and can cause a miscarriage, and severe cramping and diarrhea.

If the kidney is spilling toxins into the blood, then generally the person vomiting a lot. The headache that accompanies this type of morning sickness is usually very severe. So once again see if rubbing Purification® oil into the lining of your cheek helps clear the blood. Use juniper oil on the kidney points of the feet and vita-flex it in and also make a warm compress using juniper oils and place it over the kidneys to assist the body in getting rid of the toxins and calm the kidney down. K & B™ Tincture also from Young Living would be a good choice to use as well.

If the adrenal is low then morning sickness is generally mild. You may have a little bit of achiness. Taking B vitamins such as Super B™ or a green drink as well as Trace Minerals will turn this problem around. Many people will tell you all you have to do is take B vitamins then you will get better. It worked for them! Just take note that that was because they needed adrenal support. It does work for many people but if it doesn’t work for you then keep reading and you may just find your answer!

If the problem is in the pancreas, then the person cannot keep anything down. They are exhausted and can’t get out of bed. Their head throbs. To overcome this problem start with an ounce of NingXia Red® from Young Living. NingXia Red® will bring the blood sugar back up. Drink it every 15 minutes until you feel better. Then eat raisins and nuts throughout the day. Raisins have a substance in them that cuts through the toxins in the blood that the pancreas is dumping causing the vomiting. And the nuts will assist the blood sugar to stabilize. Drink an ounce of NingXia Red® several times throughout the day. Ocetea essential oil is known to balance blood sugar also. Place only one drop at a time every minute in the lining of the cheek until the blood sugar comes up. You can tell the blood sugar comes up because the nausea and headache will go away. Make sure that you never let the blood sugar drop. Have a peanut butter or cheese sandwich next to your bed at night so you can eat it in the middle of the night. Have someone bring you some protein type breakfast in the morning before you get up. Then rest for 20 minutes before you get out of bed so that your blood sugar will stabilize. As you get stronger you will know when you don’t have to take such extreme measures any more.



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