What Makes Apple Portable Gadgets the Apple Envy of Others?

When you look at the wide array of electronic gadgets on display at the electronic store, none catches the attention more than the apple gadgets at the apple store. What makes people drool at apple gadgets that others rivals can’t emulate?. The answer lies in a combination of creative marketing and spotting the shift in internet revolution. With a faster internet connection and introduction of 2G and later 3G networks, apple has hit big time by introducing the iPhone, a touch screen multimedia smartphone that can play music,photo,video and a new generation of applications that can be downloaded from iTunes and apple store. The wide array of applications from free to a minimum price of $0.99 makes iPhone a hassle free for many first time users.

The iPod makes it debut after the iPhone makes Gaming gadgets  a strong impact on US markets. The apple revolution continues its success around the globe, dominating the local markets at the expense of other handset makers. With the features of the iPhone without the phone features,the iPod becomes a cheaper alternative for users who uses the iPod as gaming gadget. Rivals try to emulate apple success by introducing multimedia smartphones but without much success. The answer lies in apple’s philosophy of controlling the software and hardware developments. There is no third party apple gadgets and all new applications have to be tested and approved by apple’s apps. team before being posted online at the apple store.

The iPad is the latest apple portable gadgets to arrive at the global stage. With all the hype surrounding the iPad, it was an instant hit among the new generation of iPad users who view the it as a rival to kindle, the current leader of e-reader gadgets. The iPad huge color screen and its sleek design is also an ideal companion for readers of e-magazines and e-newspapers.With bigger screen and sharper resolution, gaming applications is enhanced compared to the current iPod and iPhone users.



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