Cast and characters 2021


Sheena Bajaj as Dolly Singh: She is Nikki’s just senior sister, and the second-most seasoned youngster in the Singh family. Detecting that she won’t associate with much as Nikki grows up, she creates and guides video journals to offer Nikki guidance for her adolescent years. She was the most mindful among the children and was constantly appeared to think often about her kin. Cart is a likeness Teddy Duncan, played by Bridgit Mendler.  junkbobby

Gurdeep Punj as Himani Singh: She is Avatar’s significant other and the mother of Rohan, Dolly, Sunny, Nikki, Bobby and Kookie. She utilized work as a medical clinic nurture and later a host for news channel and is frequently depicted as devoted, defensive, and comedic. Himani is what might be compared to Amy Duncan in Good Luck Charlie, played by Leigh-Allyn Baker.

Anannya Kolvankar as Nikita “Nikki” Singh: She is the fourth-most youthful Singh youngster. Nikki is what might be compared to Charlie Duncan, played by Mia Talerico. She is Loved by Everyone .

Aakash Nair as Sunny Singh: He is the center Singh youngster, the more youthful sibling of Rohan and Dolly and the more seasoned sibling of Nikki and Bobby and Kookie. He is a comedian and agitator, regularly wry and sluggish, yet can likewise be devoted and decided. Radiant’s comparable is Gabe Duncan, played by Bradley Steven Perry.

Gireesh Sahedev as Avatar Singh: He is the dad of Dolly, Rohan, Sunny, Nikki, Bobby and Kookie. what’s more, the spouse of Himani. He claims an electrical organization, “Symbol Bijlee Company (ABC)”. Symbol’s comparable is Bob Duncan, played by Eric Allan Kramer.

Murtuza Kutianawala as Rohan Singh: He is the oldest Singh kin. He frequently seems off-kilter, to some degree reckless, and adolescent, however on various events has been known to be ingenious, imaginative, and insightful. Rohan is what might be compared to PJ Duncan, played by Jason Dolley. He Always Fells for Girls .

Lakshay Dhamija as Bobby Singh (seasons 3-4) : He is the fifth Singh kin. He was brought into the world toward the rear of a frozen yogurt truck in “Uncommon Delivery”. Bobby’s comparable is Toby Duncan, played by Logan Moreau.

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