Releasing the CHAMPION in You

“You stop being average the day you decide to become a Champion, because the average person won’t make that decision.”

Tom Hopkins

DO you see yourself as an average Joe? Your looks are average? Your life as a whole is just average? You think there is nothing special about you, your gifts, or your dreams. Average is all you are and all you’ll ever be? Let me tell you something. If that is how you think, it is how you will be.

I believe there is a CHAMPION inside each of us.

Yesterday, probably on Facebook or Twitter, I made the statement that our future lies within us from the very moment we are formed in our mother’s womb. From the moment of inception, our destiny lies silently in our spirits just waiting to be discovered and released. I call this discovery process the Journey. Obviously met with small beginnings this expedition is not to be despised. In it lies the infinite beauty of who we really are created to be in this life and how only we can impact the world in which we live.

There is abundance within our destiny. A world of opportunity and possibilities exist not only for us as individuals but for the collective world around us. It is up to us whether we seize the potential of our destiny or release it in hopelessness becoming average. The world is hoping that you’ll seize it. The word awaits what only you can give it. The world needs what only you have to offer. Will you hold out and settle for average or will you embrace the inner champion that is birthed within you? The world is waiting to know your answer.

Sure, life might look rather gloomy at times, maybe even now as you are reading this message. Something may have occurred in your life that crushed your spirit; that told you a lie that you are nothing much, just an average Joe roaming the streets of this world, taking up space, breathing air, consuming provisions, offering little more than anyone else, just here to get by, to make it through to some future after life destination because you are not among the select few; the Champions.

What is the key word in that statement though? LIE. That is a lie!

Everyone is born a champion. Including YOU! Yes, bad times in life are inevitable. So are good times. Here’s the deal. You can’t choose where you come from. You can’t choose everything that happens to you in the journey. There is a world of free will swirling around you and there will be some collisions along the way. It is just fact. BUT, and I say that word boldly, where you are going is ultimately up to you.

We each have one crucial choice to make from our very first gasp of air on this planet. I’m saying “choice” in a singular tense because whether or not we embrace our inner champion is itself one choice. Yes, there are plural choices along the way but they follow the one big decision that I am after today. Choosing to pursue and embrace our destiny. Its fulfillment begins with that one decision.

Maybe you are in your mid 40’s like me and you’re thinking, “I made the wrong choice. I’ve accepted, and I am just an average Joe though I still have the dream of a champion. But it’s too late for me.” Wrong! You may have, just as I did, chosen  Knee Pain Doctor Henderson Nv out of a felt need, political correctness, religious conviction, whatever, an average path in your life. So what? Today is a new day and tomorrow still lies patiently before you. Make the choice right here, right now, on this day and without further delay to release the Champion inside of you. Let go of that average Joe mentality, apply what you’ve learned in the journey and set free the Champion that has been bound in shackles for all these years.

It is not that hard. Yes, I agree, it sure seems hard. In fact, it seems at times impossible. It is not though. Make that one choice; the King of choices. Then make constructive choices every day from there. Small ones, big ones, each and every one should line up with the King’s declaration. The cumulative effect will make you a Champion.

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