Espadrille Shoes Are the New Fashion and Style Icons

Most of the celebrities, sportsmen, singers and artists have something in common always. They keep themselves up to date with the latest fashion trends of the market. One of the most talked about footwear in the latest fashion trends can be the Espadrille shoes. Most of the times people used to face a problem in buying a proper size shoe when they had larger feet. But now with the espadrilles these problems are resolved. People have now become conscious about the choice of footwear they wear and these shoes serve the best to them in case of comfort and suitability. These shoes have their origin from Pyrenees. They are usually casual, flat or high heeled sandals. The most unique feature of these shoes is the sole which is made out of rope material or a rubber material giving them a look of a rope. They are made out of canvas or cotton fabric. These shoes are used as one of the running shoes in areas around France especially in Estonia where they are highly popular.

The word espadrille has its origin from a French word ‘esperdaniya’ which on the other hand is derived from a Spanish word called ‘esparto’. Esparto is a kind of Mediterranean grass which is rough and tough and is used in the manufacture of ropes. Since the sole of these shoes is also rough and hard therefore the material used to manufacture the lower end of these shoes is also similar. Catalonia is the place where the manufacture of these shoes began around the 14th century. With the passage of time there are a number of traditional shops in and around Catalonia in today’s date. Most of the famous designers from all around the world design these shoes both for men and women. In ancient times a different kind of shoes used to be worn by the ladies and gents in this era. The designing and styling of traditional shoes is very different from the contemporary one. With the time passing away drastically and the technology also advancing at a rapid pace, the kind of designs that have come in the international market for these shoes is extraordinary. These shoes make sure that once you wear them, you will certainly feel your feet to be smooth and comfortable.

They offer the best quality at a good price. The best place to shop for these shoes is the online market where more options are available rather than on a local shoes store. Also most of these websites offer a good difference in price than the ones available at the local market. A number of discounts and good deals are the main source of attraction for most of the online buyers.

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