The Dangerous Effects of Mobile Phone Masts

To start with, mobile phone operators were investigated about the claims that phone masts are a danger. Symptoms usually include skin conditions, dizziness and headaches — something not totally alarming but not something to be shrugged off either. And to some, these tall, almost frightening metal towers has caused anger and complaints from many residents about health hazards from headaches to nosebleeds — although such complaints have no statistical evidence that supports such claim.

In Britain, the Mobile Operators Association and the Department of Health insists that the masts in their area match up to international security and health safety standards.  masterracksbd But the safety standards claimed by them focus largely on measuring thermal emissions. In UK, research projects have been powerless to find proof that attaches cancer or other illness caused by these phone masts. And now that technology has improved, masts that are usually about 30 meters high that shrinks up to eight meters high. Fake trees that resemble Scots pines were prepared by these firms to address the current concern on phone masts. This tactic works on hilltops where it is concealed with other trees. The claims of the mobile industry were in fact not true, that these base locations are secure because their microwave rays in distance falls quickly and too low to create major heat.

It is based on the false estimate that their heating result causes harm and a serious error on the ways of living organisms use downbeat feedback to be able to react on the changes on their setting, and it includes the metabolic insults from these mobile phones. And why we are not all affected? Well, it is due to the natural biological variability and for some, which is quite normal, although it increases the risk.

The number of masts around the country has increased drastically and is expected to increase as networks upgrade to second and third generation mobile technologies. There are current reviews from Vodafone that have been considered as an expert review which included the Health Council of the Netherlands and the EU Scientific Committee on Emerging and Newly Identified Health Risks — it has concluded in both cases that there is no scientific evidence that health problems are caused by exposure to RF fields.

The National Radiation Board, for starters, has fashioned a principle that offers us with allegedly secure levels of radiation. This levels are however, considered higher than other countries wherein research to this subject led to a number of scientists and scientific bodies significantly reducing their exposure levels. In countries such as Australia, US, and New Zealand, they have taken this subject very seriously, both in the local and national level, in accepting the defensive code to introduce policies of sensible avoidance that successfully banned the erection of these masts from residential areas and school buildings and in other densely populated locations.

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