Consumer Reports Treadmills

Consumer reports treadmills can save you money and take away the potential headache associated with buying the right treadmill for you and you family. Understanding what issues and benefits are found by other treadmill buyers can answer the important questions that you may have when in the market to buy. A little homework on your part can make your treadmill shopping and eventual ownership a pleasant experience.

Quality Treadmills can go consumer reports from $500 to $5000 in most cases, so finding the necessary answers before its too late just makes sense. Consumer reports treadmills are generally seen as reviews by website owners and product manufactures to promote their own sales, but if you find the right reviews that have actual reviews by product owners, you can gain a whack of crucial information. A great place to start is treadmill forums, if you want honesty, that’s where you’ll find it. Most people that are having issues will hit the treadmill forums and post their issues and others will follow with comments on the same issues or even more that they have found. By the same token, if someone has had a pleasant experience with their treadmill, you’ll also find them here.

Another very important review would be from an impartial product review company that takes each treadmill and tests them as if they were the ones making the products and testing them for the high end market. A good consumer reports treadmills that you can rely on is from They have gone through extensive testing with over 29 treadmills, and I mean they didn’t just go through the motions they really tested them for ware and tare that a heavy user would have a hard time experiencing during a year in the life of their treadmill.

Now you might just find that out of 5 consumer reports treadmills that you read, all 5 have different models as their top picks. No one said it was going to be easy, but all reviews are based on certain criteria in the reviewer’s opinion or the testing methods they create. This is where you have to identify what features you require, to provide you the best home treadmill situation. Take into account the size of space you have, your training level, your training goals and whether you need a stationary or folding treadmill. Take the pieces of information that will work for you and see what treadmill, hopefully, has all the components that you need and that fits your specific personal criteria.

If you want to compliment your outdoor running or just want to keep fit with running indoors on a treadmill, using these consumer reports treadmills will help you find the machine that’s right for you. But more importantly, it will help you find the best fit for you, the first time, without the costly or inconvenient problems that most treadmill buyers run into with their first treadmill purchase.

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