Save Money With Plastic Chairs

Often when one thinks of plastic chairs, cheap comes to mind. But when they first came out they were not cheap and were thought to be exotic. In 1948 the first plastic molded chair made from steel molds was introduced. In 1969 the monobloc, the first one piece model, was produced by an Italian designer.

Producing one-piece plastics actually took a lot of engineering and experimenting to get the design correct. The proper materials had to be used and designed in a way that the legs would be strong enough. But once things began rolling, these and all things plastic began to evolve. Now it is possible to get a plastic chair for less then 10$. It is also possible to find cheaper used ones at yard sales and thrift shops. In fact it’s possible to get some freebies when people redecorate or clean out the garage.

Plastic chairs are great. You can put some inexpensive ones on your porch and not worry about them being stolen. They are also lightweight and comfortable. They can be stacked in the garage and then brought out when a portable seating solution is needed. They can even stack one on top of the other for easy storage.

Molded plastic Adirondacks and chaise lounges are popular too. They are durable and don’t fade or crack in the sun. They are water proof and are an investment that you will get a lot of use out of before it is time to replace them.

Resin chairs make great desk chairs and kitchen table chairs. They also come in modern styles and colors and can be a great accent in that modern minimalist apartment. They can also be used to create that 1960’s retro look that is in vogue.

If you have a small decorating budget but large design aspirations, these seats can be the perfect solution. Find some inexpensive or free models. Then decide on your colors and purchase some specially formulated plastic enamel or Krylon fusion paint. In the past plastic could not be painted because the paint would bead up. But with new formulas especially designed for plastic this is a quick easy decorating method.

With a little bit of ingenuity and imagination you can use inexpensive plastic chairs to create a garden wonderland in your yard. You can get creative and design a colorful seating arrangement for your apartment or kitchen area. These really are a practical and inexpensive solution for modern design and seating arrangements.

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