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What is PET Plastic?
PET plastic otherwise known as polyethylene terephthalate plastic or #1 plastic is a thermoplastic polymer resin of the polyester family. This plastic makes for a very popular package for food and non-food products. PET plastic is a desirable packaging material for manufacturers because of its thermo-stability, strength and transparency. Consumers on the other hand like PET plastic because it is recyclable, inexpensive, lightweight, re-sealable and resistant to shattering. PET plastic can be easily identified by the #1 code on or near the bottom of bottles and containers.

What are the benefits of PET plastic for Bottled Water?
Since the PET plastic bottle was first patented in 1973 it has only grown in popularity each year. With the growth of the bottled water industry the PET bottle has become the container of choice for single serve bottled water. As a strong, transparent plastic that stores easily and safely, PET plastic provides an excellent container for water. Contrary to some rumors, PET bottles can be re-used and refilled.

As an inert plastic PET does not leach harmful materials into its contents — either when a beverage is stored unopened, or when bottles are refilled or frozen. One note of caution is that opened bottles can harbor bacteria, just like mugs, glasses or any other beverage container. However, PET bottles are no more likely to foster bacteria than any other packaging or drink container and can be re-used provided they are properly cleaned and sterilized.

What are some of the newest developments with PET Plastic Water Bottles?
In recent years the bottled water industry has witnessed a growing controversy related to polycarbonate water bottles that contain Bisphenol-A (BPA). Although more research needs to be conducted there are signs that Bisphenol-A could potentially be harmful for humans. As it stands now, polycarbonate water bottles, marked by the #7 symbol, are the overwhelming industry bottle of choice for re-useable 5 gallon and 3 gallon water bottles.

Thanks to PET plastic a new option for 5 gallon bottles is emerging in the bottled water marketplace. Bottled water delivery companies are now beginning to carry BPA-free bottle options including PET 5 gallon bottles. PET plastic is completely BPA-free yet still provides the same durability and ease of use as polycarbonate plastic. Although, only a few progressive water delivery companies carry these PET 5 gallon bottles they are now available for bottled water drinkers looking for BPA-free options.

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