ISIS – The New Face of Fundamentalism

IS – Islamic State

Daish is the Arabic abbreviation of ISIS, the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria – Al-Dawlah Al-Islamiyah fi Al-Iraq wa Al-Sham. It is otherwise called ISIL: Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant – Levant is land between Eastern Mediterranean ocean and Egypt. IS assailants have displayed extraordinary brutal conduct.

The malignant growth of fundamentalism

Fundamentalism of any degree is likened to disease in cultivated world. Onus lies on created nations to stop the evil from the beginning. Is it as of now past the point of no return? Who is financing ISIL assailants? Why millions in Africa, Middle East and SE Asia have affirmed and acknowledged ISIL as a rescuer? For what reason are there so numerous Muslim supporters of ISIL? Why the volunteers from US, UK, France and Belgium are joining ISIL? What is the cure?

Military activity

1. Is military activity a total arrangement of the issue? It isn’t. US followed and pursued Osama-container Laden, and ended him. US has “a long reach and it can follow aggressors to the entryways of damnation.” But it didn’t tackle the issue. Al-Zawahiri supplanted Osama-receptacle Laden. That is it. The issue proceeds. A military arrangement is, best case scenario, an impediment. It is a fundamental condition, however it’s anything but an adequate condition without help from anyone else.

Battle hostility with Quran

2. Utilize reasonable statements from Quran, in media, to outfox assailants, who utilize strict terms from Quran, for example, ‘jehad’ to persuade Muslim youth to utilize brutality to get wanted outcomes. The assailants, and fundamentalist priests – Hafiz Saeed, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, and Al-Zawahiri – guarantee the Muslims a seat in paradise in the organization of pretty pixies and parcel of beverages, on the off chance that they serve Allah. They guarantee that Quran upholds persuasive transformation of Yezidis and other non-adherents to Islam to Muslims. Quran doesn’t say as much. All it says is: pass on reality to non-devotees to Islam, and leave it to them – whatever they choose to do. We need to instruct Muslim youth with reasonable statements from Quran – which propel them to follow Godly characteristics, for example, resistance, ethical quality and equivalent status of ladies.

The aggressors have been more fruitful in enlistment and in inspiration to do primitive activities, among semi-educated or unskilled Muslim populace. Accomplishment of Al-Shabab in Somalia, Boko Haram in Nigeria, and ISIS in Iraq and Syria is because of absence of typical training in nearby populace. We need to utilize online media to counter assailants’ effect.

Liberate Muslim ladies

3. Liberate Muslim ladies in – Nigeria, Somalia and different nations in Africa; Afghanistan, Pakistan, and different nations in SE Asia.

* Use media to show, a select way of life of Muslim ladies in West.

* Among Muslims, just Bohra Muslim ladies can enter the mosques, however a similar isn’t valid for Sunni and Shia Muslim ladies.

* Militants don’t have an everyday life. They need to become familiar with the estimation of God’s gifts in a steady day to day life – a home, own kids and watching them develop, and commitment of an unattractive spouse. They need to comprehend the benefits of an informed companion as housewife for the family.

* Talibans and different aggressors treat ladies as an item, fundamental for propagation in order to support the race, yet insufficient as an equivalent accomplice to the spouse to design the childhood of the relatives. We should tell the militants,”You are missing incredible things throughout everyday life.”

Muslim ministers need more Muslim numbers on the planet

4. What is harming Muslim assumptions? Muslim pastors need Islam devotees to dwarf adherents of different religions. It is an undesirable rivalry, much the same as corporate-battles in business among Apple and Samsung. Mankind has conceived religions, for harmony and amicability. Lamentably, religions are the greatest wellspring of brutality. Finding out about religions from semi-proficient strict instructors in mosques/sanctuaries has deteriorated human culture.

Indeed, even Shankracharya, a Hindu strict high roller, has requested Hindus to take out icons from Shirdi Sai – a Hindu holy person – from Hindu sanctuaries all over India. The explanation: a Sai sanctuary in Maharashtra in India gathers enormous contributions, more than some other Hindu sanctuary in India.

More quantities of Muslims suggest more Haj-Pilgrimage guests. This is strict the travel industry and it impacts economy of Saudi Arabia. There is an inclination of weakness among Muslim pastors. They contrast their presentation and Christian teachers. The world local area need to have open conversations among Christian and Islamist strict pioneers and ease shared doubts.

Someone is financing aggressors

5. Who is financing the assailants? Would we be able to prevail with regards to recognizing and stopping the financing sources? It is conceivable that Sunni realms are supporting Sunni aggressors, and Shia assailants are getting support from Iran. All assailant associations require assets to start with. There is a need to plug the sources and exercise authorizations or capture of ledgers of such outfits. In the event that there is discontent among Muslim populace and they are contributing willfully assets for aggressors, there should be open conversation among individuals who matter or networks which are influenced. It’s anything but a simple assignment, however worth endeavoring.

Distinguish conservatives and backing them

6. Recognize Muslim factions who don’t support ISIS and energize them, so as to revive moderate Islamists gatherings. In any general public, 98% individuals are unbiased. They need to live in harmony to take care of the family. Be that as it may, they keep their eyes, and ears shut and out of dread don’t articulate a word against the assailants, who are close to 1% of Muslim populace. There is a need to scatter their dread. The general public needs to devise better ideas to support average citizens, to come out bravely in numbers, to help law organizations to control hostility.

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