Choosing a Motorhome to Hire

So you have decided to hire a motorhome, but haven’t a clue what you are looking for in a vehicle? Don’t worry, here is a guide to help you choose the right motorhome to hire.

As the popularity of motorhome hire has increased, so has the range and the amount of vehicles available to hire. Everything from retro VeeDubs to ‘Meet The Fockers’ style American RVs is now available here in the UK. All the popular European makes can be hired here too, so shop around.

The most popular motorhome hire style of motorhome is the coachbuilt on a Fiat Ducato chassis. Sleeping berths typically range from 2 berth to 6 berth, my advice is to go for more than you need. The term coachbuilt refers to the caravan type body that is built onto the base vehicle. Base vehicles are usually made by Fiat, Ford and Peugeot. The coachbuilt design either has a overcab bed or a more streamline low profile body often with just a small amount of storage space over the cab.

Shop around: most floorplans of motorhomes are fairly similar, but make sure that you can find one with a bedding/living/eating arrangement that is going to work for you.

Do your research and get a few quotes for similar vehicles, you will quickly get an idea of the features you are looking for. I do suggest that you find a company where you can pick up your motorhome locally, it’s much easier to load up your motorhome from your house and then set off rather than drive somewhere by car and then transfer all your stuff from your car to your motorhome. It is worth trying to find a motorhome hire company who have vehicles all over the UK, quite often these are vehicles that are privately owned, but rented out professionally when not used by the owner.

Size matters, go for the largest vehicle that you feel comfortable driving. 2 berth campers are really just for couples who get along well all the time! If you have sports equipment or just need a little space once in a while, get a 4 berth.

Most vehicles you will hire in the UK will be right hand drive RHD, but you may also be offered a left hand drive LHD one, which you should consider if you are going abroad. It takes about 10 minutes to adjust to a LHD vehicle if you have never driven one before.

Try and hire a new (i.e. less than 2 years old) motorhome, the chances are it will be more reliable, have better features and will have suffered less in the hands of other hirers.

Each year we see more and more people who are choosing a motorhome to hire [] for their holidays.

If you are interested in having a motorhome to hire, either visit [] or if you are in the UK call 0800 612 8719. The motorhome hire reservation office is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



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