A Great Charging Station for Mobile Devices – The iHome IB969G

The iHome iB969G is a great dual dock charging station for the iPad, iPhone, iPod, Blackberry and also eReaders and cell phones. It allows you the convenience of charging four of your mobile devices at one time. With the popularity of the iPad and the accessories that go with it, this is a great charging station for iPad and offers multiple reasons to learn more about it.

Technology improves constantly and this multi-device charger is an excellent example of one of those improvements. The large majority own multiple types of mobile products. These electronic devices need to have their batteries charged daily for maximum performance and problems arise when it becomes necessary to charge all of these devices at once. Multiple chargers, cords and an insufficient number of receptacles can pose problems, not to mention the unsightly mess or the hassle of keeping track of all of these individual chargers. With so many relying on mobile devices to function in our daily lives, this unit from iHome eliminates a lot of problems.


This well equipped multi-charger has two additional USB ports; one of these is quick-charging and is for the iPad. The iPad sits in a separate stand on the back of the unit. It also requires more power than the average mp4 player or cell phone charger and therefore is equipped with a 5V 4 AMP AC adapter for this purpose. The other USB port is a standard charge and works well with most USB compatible devices such as Blackberries, eBook readers and cell phones. This charging station has a quick charge option for the iPod and iPhone also, greatly reducing the charging time for these popular products. It also has a dock that allows for standard charging with full sync of your iTunes library for the iPod and iPhone.

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