Not letting down their guard:

“It was recognized that implementing this strategy would have significant economic costs, but so would a major outbreak,” he explains. “So betrouwbare corona testen New Zealand took a precautionary approach and on 26 March, apart from essential workers, the entire country was required to self-quarantine at home.”

New Zea;and sets an uncomproimising austerity controls. Only commerce

allowed was operation of grocery stores, pharmacies, hospitals, and petrol stations. Vehicle travel was restricted and social interactions was limited to households.

Bolstered by a team of scientists and health care officials the austerity measures were formulated and acted upon effectively including this country lockdown. Instead of just slowing down the virus, it grabbed the opportunity tp eliminate the threatening covid-19 menace. It choked the virus in its entirety.

WHO Regional Director for the Western Pacific, Dr Takeshi Kasai, explains that New Zealand combined strict physical distancing with strong testing, contact tracing, clinical management of those infected, and clear and regular public communication. The country also took steps to cushion the economic blow.

Not letting down their guard:

“New Zealand certainly benefited from being a high-income, island country with an advanced health system,” says Dr Kasai.”But they didn’t take any-thing for granted,” he adds. “They worked concertedly to limit and stop COVID-19 on their shores and support other countries in the Region.

New Zealanders worked together to keep case numbers low and stamp out the virus at home. But they are not resting on that success. New Zealand has not let down its guard, says Dr Kasai.

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