Webmaster Role in Site Marketing and SEO

Driving traffic to a site is one of the key roles of a webmaster. Once this is done it is expected that the site will ascend higher into the search engine ranking. There are many resources that are available for this particular approach such as:

• Adding quality articles and blogs where visitors can get the specific information they need.

• Understanding what makes webmastershall visitors visit your site can help you in focusing on these areas to increase traffic.

• Increasing the number of high-ranking sites that link to your own website’s pages

• Creating a detailed site map that connects to the important pages and contents of your site.

• Coming up with a clear hierarchy and link to each page of your site such that it will ideally be reachable from a single link.

• Reducing the number of index links of pages on your site to only unique pages. When Google crawls, and indexes your site, keeping only the important pages in the index will make your site more easily accessible giving your visitors the satisfaction of seeing only your key pages and contributing to the improvement of the web.

• Determining the common keywords users are likely to type in to their searches to find the pages of your site. Always ensuring that your site contains these keywords in the appropriate pages.

• Creating a useful, informative site with quality content. Making sure that the pages on your site is well-written and that the description of your content aptly signifies the topics being discussed.

• Using appropriate text to describe images within your content as Google’s crawlers cannot recognize text that is built in to the images. If there is a need to incorporate text with images you can use the “ALT” attribute to you can include words to describe the specific images.

• Making certain that the description within the title and “ALT” attributes is accurate and relevant.

• Keeping both static pages and dynamic pages brief, concise and small in size.

• Checking for broken links in the content of your site and making the necessary corrections.

Optimizing the different elements of your site will ensure your site will climb in search engine ranking. It is therefore best to follow the above guidelines to help Google find, index and rank your site accurately. This move is geared to parallel Google’s approach to constant improvements in the search results. This is a professional webmaster role, one that is a key to the success of your site.

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