Marketing Survival Skills

Let’s talk about Marketing Survival Skills!

The average person really can succeed on the internet!

Would you like to take your primary business to the next level?

Most people fail on the internet because they don’t use a system that shows them the “combination to the safe.”

You need to latch on to a Marketing System that you can use with your primary business and develop your skills.

Start by leveraging the top 5 sites online, based on their Alexa ranking.

Open your mind to learning the “combination to the internet” so that you can succeed.

Here’s what you need to develop your Marketing Survival Skills:

* Create or get involved with a Skype Mastermind Group for 24/7 support

* Use step-by-step video and written training

* Attend weekly live Mastermind Webinars

* All training should be broken down into 3 easy-to-follow phases:
– Phase 1 – Facebook and Twitter Mastery
– Phase 2 – Online Ad Mastery
– Phase 3 – Video & Google Mastery

* Pre-written autoresponder messages and a replicated website

You need ongoing step-by-step training based on your experience level.

Partner with a powerful Autoresponder service to build your list, online.

What constitutes a great Autoresponder/List  Survival Skills  Management System?
* A track record with great deliverability rates
* Manage unlimited lists
* Unlimited subscribers in each list
* Price doesn’t increase as Your list grows
* Collect as much data as you want
* Ad tracking system for all the websites you promote online
* Track Open & click-through rates
* Create opt-in forms on any external website
* easy-to-use HTML editor
* Unlimited free customer support
* Great pay plan in their affiliate program

How should you get paid?

1.) Get paid through your primary business!

When you learn Marketing Survival Skills, you will leverage training, systems and tools to help you build your primary business.

2.) Your Autoresponder and Lead Management System should provide an in-house affiliate program.

I hope you’re excited because the average person can succeed with this system!

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