Get More Coaching Clients by Marketing in Your Local Newspaper

Coaches who market online tend to forget that we can also promote our business off line through more traditional media. Newspapers have gone online as well but many people still subscribe to a home delivered version of their local newspaper. You can reach a whole new and different group of clients through your local newspaper.

Newspapers have changed over the past 25 years. Most cities had more than one newspaper years ago. Now most cities have only one newspaper and that one is probably Bikini struggling to stay alive. That is bad news for the newspapers but it can be good news for you because they have lost advertisers and revenue so they have had to cut back dramatically on the writing staff.

Many newspapers have cut back deeply are more than happy to get free content. Start by specializing in a niche and write several articles to submit to the editor. You can write 700+ word articles because newspaper editors love to edit and you want to give them something to do. That sounds like a joke but it is true. Newspaper editors are used to editing a writers article to fit it in the space available at the time of publication. You do want to give an editor more than enough material to work with because it is always easier to cut content then to add it. Most will not use the article if it is not large enough and they will be more than happy to cut the article down if necessary.

Each area of the newspaper will come under the supervision of an editor and their name will be listed in the publication so be sure to send your submission to the editor directly. If you can’t find their name then call the paper and get the editor’s name. You want to personalize your submission as much as possible.

It never hurts to send something like this overnight mail because overnight mail often goes directly to the recipient where snail mail is often reviewed by an assistant. Get creative and get the editors attention by using overnight mail, personal delivery, or a unique cover letter. The point is you want the editor to know you have made an extra effort and you want to get their attention.

Pay attention to the style of the rest of the section edited by that editor so you can get a feel for what they like and don’t like. Then you have a choice you can write in a style that matches what they already have or you can set yourself apart with a distinctive style. You do run some risk if you choose to write in a style that is different from what is normal because the editor may not like something different on the other hand you may stand out and the editor may be looking for something different. Also pay attention to what the existing content is and what is missing. Is there a Q&A section or an advice section? If an advice or question and answer section is congruent with your topic then you may want to write one. Do they usually use photography or straight news stories? If the current content is straight news stories you may want to write something on the lighter side or something with some humor.

Once the editor accepts your article then you will want to see if the publication has an interest in an ongoing relationship such as a weekly or monthly article. There are also many small area newspapers that will also be eager to have your contributions. In many cities there are also special interest publications such as fitness and local scene specialists. If the publication fits your niche you may reach a very targeted audience through one of the smaller publications so don’t dismiss them because they are not large.

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