When Are You Ready to Start Web Marketing? When You Can Brief Well

Many companies see online marketing as something they simply switch on, just like their laptop.

I regularly speak with business people who tell me that “online marketing didn’t work for them”, or “that our SEO/AdWords guy didn’t achieve any sales for us.” I always have sympathy for professionals in this scenario as they have spent money without any real return, but I also usually have sympathy for the web marketeer too. chiropractorincoloradosprings A failed web marketing project, like any relationship, usually has aspects to it that both sides could have done better. On the client side, the area that most often could be improved comes in how they brief their web marketing team on what they want from their online marketing.

In truth, you, as the business owner, know far more about your product and about your market than we marketers can ever do. You work in your business every day, you know your customers and you know your products/services to a level beyond what we could hope to understand. Your knowledge and experience is key to the success of your online marketing. As such, you have to be able to communicate, or brief, the gold nuggets of information you hold well in order to give your web marketing the best chance of succeeding for you.

How to Brief your Web Marketing Team

Tell them exactly what you do. Tell them exactly what you offer. The difference between do and offer is subtle but important. What we do is the both the ethos and core of our business. It is not just the products and services that are offered, but the way in which we create, deliver and support our products and services too. What we offer, on the other hand, is how we package “what we do” in order to attract customers to our business.

Explain what is different about your business to all the other businesses in your industry with a similar offering out there? I call this what makes you ” brand positive “.

Define specifically who you offer you products and services to? When explaining your target market, define your absolute perfect customer and avoid discussing the “broad” appeal of your products and services. What problem do your products and services solve for your prefect customer?

Bearing your perfect customer in mind, how do you want to communicate what you offer? What style and tone do you want to take that both (a) appeals to your customer and (b) reflects the values you defined earlier in questions 1 and 2?

If you can get these briefing points defined and written down, you can then easily brief any member of your team and hence, you’re ready for web marketing. More importantly, you know what you want your web marketing to sell, to whom and with what voice and tone. Like any good business professional, you now know what you want. Makes it all sound much easier to manage doesn’t it? Don’t have those things? Then it’s time to go back to strategy, think these things through with your web marketing team and get to the point where you do know what you want and how to ask for it.

I am Phil Byrne, a web marketeer originally from the UK and now living and working across a number of places on this fine Earth. I adore everything web, music, film and travel related.


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