This article is about such a lodging. For different utilizations

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This article is about such a lodging. For different utilizations, see Apartment (disambiguation).

For different jobs of the shortening “able.”, see Apt. (disambiguation).

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Lofts going toward Central Park in Midtown Manhattan, New York City

Lofts in Madrid, Spain

A high rise in Gurgaon, Haryana, India

Various types of lofts in Minato, Tokyo, Japan

A square of pads in Birmingham, England

A space (American English), or level (British English, Indian English), is an independent lodging unit (a particularly private land) that incorporates just piece of a structure, by and large on a solitary story. There are different names for these general structures, see under. The lodging residency of lofts additionally moves out and out, from enormous augmentation public lodging, to proprietor inhabitance inside what is truly a townhouse suite (layers title or commonhold), to tenants leasing from a private landowner (see leasehold space).


1 Terminology

1.1 “Flat” versus “townhouse”

1.2 By lodging residency

1.3 By size of the unit

1.4 By size of the structure

1.5 By nation

2 Types and qualities

2.1 Studio space

2.2 Garden loft suite (US)

2.3 Garden level (UK)

2.4 Basement loft suite

2.5 Secondary suite

2.6 Salon loft suite

2.7 Maisonette

2.8 One dwelling with two stories

2.9 Small structures with a few one-story homes

2.10 Loft apartment suite

2.11 Penthouse

2.12 Communal apartment

2.13 Serviced apartment suite

2.14 Facilities

2.15 Various

3 Historical models

3.1 Pre-Columbian Americas

3.2 Ancient Rome

3.3 Ancient and middle age Egypt

3.4 Yemen

3.5 Ancient China

4 Current models

4.1 England

4.2 Scotland

4.3 United States

4.3.1 Property classes

4.4 Canada

4.5 Australia

4.6 Yugoslavia

5 See furthermore

6 References

7 External affiliations


“Level” versus “space”

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