Rock And Roll Movies

Elvis’ adventures in Hollywood

August 1977, the world is in shock – Elvis Presley, the worlds most popular recording star in history is dead. The worldwide outpouring of grief is incredible and radio stations and TV channels in every corner of the globe sounded out with the unmistakable Presley baritone. The Presley image, sometimes young and viral, more often middle aged and bloated sat beneath the headlines of newspapers everywhere. The King of Rock and Roll was gone, his legacy would be his music but few mentioned the films that Presley had left behind and his own peculiar contribution to the acting field. He made 31 films, not including a couple of concert movies, and not all of them were as bad as you remember.

Elvis famously told interviewers in 1971 that every dream he had ever dreamed had come true a hundred times. There was however one unfulfilled ambition that burnt away behind his public image, the desire, sadly never realized, to become a serious dramatic actor. Even as late as 1977 sources close to Elvis have revealed that the singer was considering giving up touring and getting back into acting. In 1956 Elvis himself told reporters that acting was his greatest ambition and that all his life he had wanted to be an actor, like his idols, Tony Curtis and James Dean.

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