Make Sports a Part of Your Lifestyle

Aging naturally decreases bone density, which can result in osteoporosis if we do not have our bone density up in youth and middle age. Taking up sports is perhaps one of the easiest ways to maintain bone density and strength for people of all ages.

Positive Attitude
Sports can bring a positive attitude to your life if played healthily. It refreshes the mind and helps in developing a positive and fresh outlook on life. sport371 A 2018 special edition of the Journal of Sport and Health Science (JSHS) revealed that team sports can not just enhance positivity in individuals, but it can bring communities together and build them too. [12]

Boosts Self-esteem
Playing any particular sport helps in building self-esteem. When one improves in any particular sport or skill, one feels good about it.

Discipline becomes a natural part of life when you start spending time playing sports. This is because sports inspire people to live life by certain rules and regulations and move towards a positive end. Children who indulge in sports feel healthier, and develop better and healthier relationships with other people because a positive, team-based outlook is instilled in them.

Mutual Respect
Playing sports builds mutual respect for others as it includes playing opposite people but at the same time respecting them even if they have a negative attitude towards you.

Sports train your mind to think calmly and find new strategies to deal with problems without getting too hyper.

Playing sports helps you build good relationships with people from diverse backgrounds and traits. It encourages teamwork and thus helps in preparing you to work with different people harmoniously. [13]

Goal Setting
Goal setting means that every person needs to have an idea about what he/she wants, whether it is in a game or life. Sports may help in goal-setting and will improve performance levels in other areas of life.

An infographic on benefits of playing sports
Playing sports helps you physically, mentally, and emotionally. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Safety Tips
Play under Expert Supervision: Try playing sports under the supervision of experienced players in the beginning and take their advice on how to play the game without getting hurt.
Do Warm-up Exercises: These exercises help increase the elasticity of muscles, which prevents muscle injuries, cramps, and sprains.
Stay Hydrated: Athletes of all ages should begin their activities in a well-hydrated state to avoid a dip in performance as well as dehydration-related health conditions. [14]
Acclimation in Hot and Humid Conditions: If you plan to play sports in the heat for longer than an hour and a half, it is a good idea to add a sports drink. Take breaks and drink plenty of fluids.
Avoid Playing on Rainy or Stormy Days: It is best to not play during severe weather conditions such as lightning.
Concussions: Make sure children wear helmets if cycling. If you have suffered a head injury, it is advisable to visit the doctor. [15]
Cool-down Exercises: It is important to do gentle stretches and rest after playing any sport. The heart rate normalizes and the muscles relax.
Start small if you are a Senior Citizen: Older people should start with small sessions because the body tends to lose its muscle capacity with age. It is best to consult with a doctor and a trained expert before starting a new exercise regimen.
Obesity and exercise: Obese people should indulge in sports in a controlled manner as they are more susceptible to sports injuries.
Make Sports a Part of Your Lifestyle
Playing sports should not be limited to the field of your school, college, or community. Even when you’re at home or working, sparing at least 30 minutes for any sport you love can be very helpful.

It is not advisable to only see sports as a strenuous activity that you are doing for the sake of health. Instead, take it as a hobby and enjoy it. Encourage your family members to be a part of your sport too. This will give a boost to the overall health of the family.

Activities such as cycling, swimming, running, and even walking are some of the physical activities that can be done daily. It must not be forgotten that playing sports alone will not give you a healthy body and mind. Many other factors such as nutritional intake, the stress levels in your life, or even the clothes or shoes that you’re wearing must also be considered.

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