What is Internet Marketing? – Guide

Let’s break down the most crucial factors with some stats:

Global reach. According to Statista, 4,3 billion people use internet, which is 56% of the world population. Internet marketing allows finding your audience in specific locations and regulating your ad outreach according to your goals. For instance, you can target your Google or Facebook ads by location down to specific countries, cities, and even districts.
Accuracy. altijdgeil Aside from targeting by location, you can tailor your marketing efforts very specifically based on users’ gender, age, habits, and behavior. The technologies that stand behind internet marketing are very powerful: it is now easy to put your products in front of people at the right place when they are most likely to purchase.
Cost-effectiveness. Internet marketing is cheaper compared to traditional marketing since it doesn’t require any physical resources for its production. Its accuracy also makes it cheaper: you pay for driving interested people to your site. With traditional ads, you can only estimate how many people find it relevant, and you’d spend lots of time and money on guesswork.
Customer experience. Internet marketing helps to provide your audience with a highly personalized shopping experience. For instance, you can send emails with personalized offers and content based on the data users share with you. Facebook ads, in their turn, rely on users’ favorite groups and pages alongside with their ad preferences, which they can manage anytime.
Automation. Processes like lead generation, lead nurturing, and customer retention can be once set and work mostly on their own. Automated email workflows, for example, is a good way to remove a huge amount of stress off your marketing team. Aside from that, automation helps to assist people at every stage of their buyer journey, answering FAQ instead of your customer care team.
And what’s most important, internet marketing gives you a variety of choices, as there are plenty of channels for you to use in communication with the audience. Let’s have a closer look at the most crucial of them.

Types of internet marketing with examples
Email marketing
Search engine optimization
Social media marketing
Chatbot marketing
Influencer marketing
Internet marketing has channels for businesses of any size and niche, different by the return on investment, outreach strategies, and the model of relationships you want to build with your customers. Let’s learn how email marketing, SEO, social media, chatbots, and others can enrich your strategy.

Email marketing
This channel allows to build long-lasting relationships with users who opted in to receive emails from you. You can build your mailing list by placing subscription forms and lead magnets on your website or blog, promising to provide highly relevant content and offers in exchange for users’ email addresses.

Greet new subscribers with an automated welcome email and nurture them with regular personalized newsletters. To make them as personalized as users expect, leverage data they share with you when subscribing or simply make use of their behavior patterns.

Emails can be individual for every user, depending on the progress they achieve using the service. Below is a brilliant example of a personalized email that Grammarly sends once a week to their subscribers.

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