It was my intention to explain the word “simple,” and by the time I put the thoughts into words it became more difficult. I am sometimes at odds with others when I say that something is simple, and I must remind them that I did not say easy, there is a big distinction between the two terms.

Life is simple and it is as it was meant to be. As we set out to explain “simple,” we give it meaning and then it becomes “difficult.” It is our meaning that is difficult, not the word itself.

A newly born baby is simple. It is born into nothing, it is nothing and it knows nothing at a conscious level. Everything that it sees, hears, feels, tastes and smells is nothing. A baby can only experience the five senses as nothing and how it interprets these sensations and defines them later on will be unique to this one individual.

Life was meant to be experienced and we are not here to learn anything and Life has no meaning except for the meaning that you give it. The learning is secondary and is a result of experiencing or expressing life, (which is the prime directive).

Nothing is “simple,” and it is our definitions that make “simple,” difficult.

There are only two words that apply to you when you are born, “I AM.” The awareness of your physical life begins with these two words only, and is all that is necessary for life. As we begin to mature in the awareness of “I AM,” we add our personal identity to the words and life begins to become more difficult. “I AM… Roy,” “I AM… male,” “I AM… brother to…, son to…

As I was contemplating the simplestartllcĀ  essence of this essay while resting in bed this morning, I wanted only to create a one page explanation of “simple,” and by the time I got up and started writing I was half-way to creating a new book on “simple.” The farther I move into these paragraphs the more complicated it is becoming and I see no end. It would be very difficult to go back and start over now because I have gone beyond “simple,” and have given it life and it is moving in a different direction than what I originally thought.

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