Answer Key, Chapter

Magine that you are    seven years antique. You are participating in an experiment. A
researcher greets you and shows you into a small room. In the room there’s a
marshmallow. The marshmallow is for you, however here is the thrilling element: The
researcher tells you that he goes to leave you on my own in the room for a while. You can
devour the marshmallow right away, or you can wait until he receives back. If you wait until he
receives back, you may get a 2d marshmallow.
What do you do? Do you eat the marshmallow right away?
An test like this, regarded informally because the marshmallow experiment, changed into
carried out a long time ago at Stanford University. It became out that a few children ate the
marshmallow proper away, even as others had been capable of wait. In other phrases, some sought
on the spot self-gratification, and some not on time it.
Years later, the researchers accompanied up on the members. They found that the
children who not on time self-gratification were in general more a hit than individuals who
ate the marshmallow right away. By a variety of measures, inclusive of SAT ratings, they
seemed to be greater competent.
Common experience tells us that the potential to delay self-gratification is a mark of adulthood.
The marshmallow test affords proof that it could additionally correlate with achievement
in existence.
– Many of these verb terms consist of an auxiliary verb and a chief verb. So, for
instance, “are taking part” and “do…eat” are taken into consideration verb phrases.
– “is going to leave”: If we consder “is going to” a sort of auxiliary verb, then that is a
verb word, much like “will go away.”
– “referred to as…”: If you underlined “acknowledged,” that’s exceptional. It is a verb. It is a nonfinite verb,
in contrast to the other underlined verbs and verb terms. (See Chapter four.)
■ Exercise 2 Underline the complete subjects inside the sentences below, and doubleunderline the verbs that go together with them. Identifying the problem manner figuring out the
essential phrase of the problem and the parts that adjust it. (In the first sentence, the main
word is in boldface.) When you underline the verb, include both auxiliary verbs and
main verbs (as within the first sentence, with became…used).
In the 1960s and 70s, the time period “era gap” turned into frequently used to consult the
variations among younger humans in the U.S. And their mother and father’ generation. Many
young people felt distant from their dad and mom because of differences in ideas approximately
politics, social troubles, and famous culture. Since then, conflicts among generations
have faded in many methods. Child-rearing specialists in the late 20th century
encouraged dad and mom to be like friends to their children. Thanks to generation, younger
people and their mother and father are able to contact every other without problems at any time. On any
university campus, the students you notice texting or talking on mobile telephones are regularly
communicating with Mom or Dad. Fifty years in the past, closeness of this type was much less
Student’s Answer Key Ch.2 Grammar Advantage Eric Nelson & George Yule © 2019
not unusual. In addition, the children-centered nature of U.S. Lifestyles has reduced many
generational variations. In many families, dad and mom and their teenaged youngsters dress
in similar approaches, concentrate to the same track, and enjoy the identical films and motion pictures on
You might also or won’t have underlined all the words that together make up the
topics on the various sentences. As you may see, subjects may be long and complex
(“the students you notice texting or talking on ell phones”). In addition to identifying
whole topics, it’s a very good concept to attempt to become aware of the primary phrase in every difficulty. The
foremost phrase – in boldface above – determines whether the verb is singular or plural.
1 The exceptional holidays are holidays that take you absolutely away from your paintings and different
each day worries, so that you don’t even think about your responsibilities and problems. “Don’t
think” desires a subject.
2 I really like speakme to strangers. People that I even have in no way met before they have such
thrilling reviews. “People that I even have in no way met before” is the concern. You don’t need
a 2nd subject.
Five Growing up in a circle of relatives with lots of brothers and sisters they helped me find out how
to get at the side of others and talk up for myself. OR Growing up in a family with
lots of brothers and sisters, I discovered…
6 Are you the form of character who likes following a routine, or do you decide on a lifestyles wherein
each day is different from every other day?
7 Knowing a 2d language will carry you plenty of job opportunities. OR Knowing a second
language, you’ll have….
8 Better employment possibilities can help you get a better profits.
9 Full-time students who’ve component-time jobs might also have difficulties. OR For a full-time
pupil, having a part-time activity might be hard.
10 Writing a research paper is not easy and on occasion you need to spend quite a few time at the
library. OR Writing a studies paper isn’t easy and now and again calls for a number of time….
17 The maximum challenging class I had in college changed into taking my first philosophy path. OR The
most challenging experience I had in university become taking my first…
■ Exercise 4 Correct the errors in difficulty-verb settlement. Only 3 or four of the
sentences have errors. The rest are accurate. Only the ordinary answers appear.
1 The cost of textbooks has risen plenty in recent years. OK. “Cost” is singular.
Most humans are respectful of the police if the police is à are courteous.
People ARE, one character IS
Police ARE, one police offiicer IS
three The maximum vital news within the newspaper is normally on the first web page. OK. “News” is
uncountable, so it is going with a unique verb.
Four In the U.S., the common age at which young girls get married has risen over the last
numerous many years. OK. “Age” is singular.
5 These days when an worker return to work after a holiday, he or she often reveals an in-field
full of loads of e-mail messages. “An employee” is singular.
■ Exercise 5 (This exercising is similar to exercise 3 in Chapter five.) Which underlined verbs
have an item? Underline the items.
Student’s Answer Key Ch.2 Grammar Advantage Eric Nelson & George Yule © 2019
Art changed into usually critical to Sarah Palmer, and so become nature. Wild animals involved her. Hats, too: she by no means
went out without a hat. So when Sara died at the age of one hundred and one in 2012, the citizens of the small metropolis wherein she lived
venerated her in a appropriate way. They commissioned a statue through Evo Ard, a local sculptor. He finished the
statue in 2014 and it now stands within the city square. At first glance, it appears to be a lady sporting a get dressed and
a hat. When you look more carefully, you spot that during fact it’s miles a chimpanzee, and the hat is much like one which Sara regularly
wore. People don’t forget Sarah for her humorousness, so the statue could no doubt enchantment to her. The antique guys
who use the square every day as their very own personal the front backyard recognize it too. As one remarked, “It’s the great
issue that ever came about to this city!”
You may additionally have underlined a few phrases that aren’t gadgets. Remember that if a preposition comes among a verb
and a noun word, the noun phrase isn’t always the item of the verb; it’s the item of the preposition. Also, a few verbs
that are not underlined additionally have gadgets:
sporting” is a dress and a hat.
See that during fact it is…. (a noun clause item)
that (Sarah often) wore (“That,” a relative pronoun – see Chapter 8 – is the item of “wore.”)
■ Exercise 6 Add an object pronoun after every verb that needs one. If you’re unsure approximately
a verb, anticipate that it requires an object. Only the unusual solutions appear.
1 ~ There was an iteresting article on animal rights in today’s paper. Did you read it? ~ I
noticed it, however I wasn’t planning to read it until later.
2 Chili is a sort of stew that is well-known in masses of places, however people have special thoughts about
how to make it. Usually it consists of beef, onions, tomatoes, chili peppers, and beans, however in
Texas they make it without beans.
Three Children nowadays lead more prepared lives than children of earlier generations. In many
households, the mother and father time table their kids’s time strictly. Instead of gambling freely with
neighbor youngsters, the kids have “play dates.” The kids do not trip their bikes to buddies’
houses; their mother and father drive them.
4 Relationships with buddies are a key factor in making a community an excellent area to
stay. Your subsequent-door associates can make your lifestyles extra cozy via keeping an eye fixed in your
residence whilst you’re not there. If you don’t already realize them, I advise which you make
pals with them as quickly as you may.
■ Exercise 7 Check your work with the aid of searching at 2.Three.5.
■ Exercise 8 The verbs on the proper can fill the blanks – but which of them require a
preposition? Using 2.3.4 – and perhaps a dictionary – determine in which prepositions are wanted. If a
verb does now not seem in 2.Three.Four, anticipate that inside the context beneath it does no longer require a preposition.
1 One tough factor about adapting to a new tradition is learning the rules of politeness. For example,
how have to you cope with a stranger with courtesy? And in case you’re speakme on your neighbors and you need to
complain about their noisy music, how you could you do it with politeness?
Three We want to speak approximately your social lifestyles! Instead of staying on your room all weekend, call a pal!
Even if you can’t think about anything to do, perhaps your buddy can.
5 As a excessive school student, my goal turned into to attend Carleton College. To do that, I had to follow for a
scholarship, and they requested me to put in writing an essay about sports that I changed into collaborating in and golf equipment
that I belonged to.
Student’s Answer Key Ch.2 Grammar Advantage Eric Nelson & George Yule © 2019
7 Mobile phones have modified how human beings think about punctuality. Why ought to you fear approximately
being on time for an appointment in case you recognise you can constantly text the character you’re assembly and
inform them which you’re going to be late?
Nine Last semester I registered for courses in artwork and music even though I’m majoring in mechanical
engineering. Soon I’ll be looking for a process, and I’ve heard that employers frequently cost employees
who’ve varied pursuits.
11 How lengthy must you anticipate a professor who doesn’t doesn’t come to elegance on time? If you ask
professors and students this query, they may come up with exceptional solutions.
13 When they’re preparing for an exam, some students insist on silence. Noise distracts them. Others
don’t care approximately noise and might even choose to pay attention to track.
■ Exercise nine Add a preposition if one is needed. Omit prepositions that aren’t wanted. In one
or two of the sentences, no alternate is needed.
1 Most students spend a number of time getting ready for tests. (They don’t “prepare them.”
Preparing them is growing them, as instructors do.)
3 Ben is studying business because he considers it a realistic preference. If he had chosen what he
certainly cherished, he could be analyzing for a degree in tune. You look at a topic count number, like
music or math; you have a look at for a degree.
Five If you pay for the scholar offerings charge, you have got the right to apply the Recreation Center.
7 Last weekend, my roommate and I both had to write argumentative essays. OK.
■ Exercise 10 Check your solutions by using searching at 7.4.
■ Exercise eleven
1 One tough factor about adapting to a brand new lifestyle is mastering the guidelines of politeness. For instance,
how ought to you cope with a stranger with courtesy? And in case you’re speaking for your neighbors and you want to
whinge approximately their noisy tune, how you could you do it civilly?
three We want to talk about your social life! Instead of staying your room all weekend, name a pal! Even
if you may’t think of whatever to do, maybe your buddy can.
five In excessive college, my aim changed into to atttend Carleton College. To try this, I needed to follow for a scholarship
and write an essay approximately sports that I became taking part in and clubs that I belonged to.
7 Mobile phones have modified how human beings think about punctuality. Why ought to you worry about
being on time for an appointment in case you understand you may usually textual content the individual you’re meeting and
tell them which you’re going to be past due?
9 Last semester I registered for publications in artwork and music even though I’m majoring in mechanical
engineering. Soon I’ll be seeking out a process, and I’ve heard that employers frequently cost personnel
who’ve numerous interests.
11 How long should you look forward to a professor who doesn’t come to magnificence on time? If you ask professors
and college students this question, they may provide you with exceptional answers.
13 When they’re preparing for an examination, some college students insist on s

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