Wholesale Dropshipping – Top 5 Websites That Helps Your Wholesale Dropshipping Selection!

Investing your faith and money to a dropshipping enterprise is a tough commitment. Not only are you facing risks but also venturing into an unpredictable industry. A lot of business people have weighed the advantages and disadvantages of drop shipping and yet some still falter.

The main reason for these failures is simple. Retailing is difficult because you are the only one accountable to the client because it is your name that is carried by the product. The drop shipping vendors you partnered with literally get away from liability because they can.

My point is that in any venture you get into one thing should be certain and that is choosing the right drop ship vendor. Finding the right partner is important because it is your trust and money that is involved. Before venturing into a partnership with a dropship company you must do a lot of research work just to establish its integrity. The level of investigation put into knowing the true identity of a drop ship supplier
makes or breaks a successful retailer.

One way of knowing the circumstances of a prospected drop ship company is through forums and directories your trusted directory that lists different suppliers. The following list shows some websites that indexes different drop ship companies and more.

1. indexes various wholesalers and describes the products they sell. A useful thing about this site is that it updates and verifies regularly thousands of product sources and drop shipping products. Moreover, it has a forum wherein members are able to read messages and post replies on a particular wholesale drop ship company or product.

2. enables current retailers and future businessmen and women to look and examine in depth the potential drop shipper using a URL. The URL shows information about other URL they own and the length of time the company has been operating.

3. From the name of the site itself you will see that it offers a chance for retailers to see how a particular drop ship company is rated by other users according to product quality and marketability.

4. & Both based in the UK, the two website offers interactive e-commerce discussions. In you can see if anybody had a disagreeable involvement with a specific wholesale dropshipper. On the other hand, allows you to see user reviews on wholesale drop ship sources.

5. The site focuses on the wholesale drop ship industry in China as well as different electronic gadgets companies, phone companies and more.


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